​Veteran Petroleum Institute

The Veteran Petroleum Institute is an assessment, instructional base and workforce service project that prepare veterans to compete in the global economy through job readiness and vocational skills training. We offer a standardized Industrial and Safety curriculum with portable credentials to help build marketable skills and aid in the oil and gas industry’s labor shortage. VPI has developed a toolkit for veterans to help shape the next cohort of leaders in the energy and petrochemical industry.

Statement of Need
United States Veterans often complete service in the military only to find themselves fighting for survival in the marketplace once they return home. Veterans face unique obstacles in translating their military experience into civilian jobs and can find themselves in periods of unemployment that last much longer than they initially expected. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the rate for post 9/11 veterans is 3 points higher than the overall population.

Marketable Skills Training
Training includes a combination of classroom work and practical hands on experience. This approach gives students an accurate feel for the type of the work that will be required in the industry. Safety and environmental skills training is necessary for the work in the oil and gas industry.

Program Goals

  • • Enhance veterans employability and readiness for work while simultaneously addressing the oil and gas industry’s labor shortage due to “The Great Crew Change”
  • • Enable veterans in acquiring the skills and certifications required to work and onshore and offshore in the oil and gas industry
  • • Meet rising safety requirements and need for hands-on skills, training in other industries, including marine services, shipyards, petrochemical and green construction